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Gestion des documents Proxess

Short background


Proxess is a prepress and digital printing company based in Brussels and Gent, Belgium. We used to produce mainly traditional applications, loose-leaf books, legal books, reports, presentations, training manual, technical documentation, all through digital printing only.

Peter VANHOVE (M.D. Proxess): "Because of the innovative design inside the Xerox iGen3, color production press, we saw opportunities to enter new markets. Especially the type of substrates used, could introduce our company in the world of labeling, packaging and high-end technical applications."


New substrates = new applications,


It was most interesting that we could at full machine performance (i.e. 110 A4/min) print on relatively thick plastic substrates. Something that due to the pressure and heath combination had never been achieved on a digital xerography press.

"After having tested a wide range of suppliers, we were particularly keen on the Robuskin coating from MDV. They were able to supply in the max. format of the iGen3 (52 x 36 cm) plastic substrates in various thicknesses we needed. We currently use 250µ and 350µ."


The laserprint coating


The coating has proven to be very stable, producing sharp stable images in as well high res pictures as solids and with an incredible hold factor. You can not rub off the toner at all, even without a protective coating.


Gestion des documents Proxess
Gestion des documents Proxess

"Although the product is not on the recommended iGen3 media list, it has an almost perfect runability. Curl is the most important danger, that MDV has learned to keep under control at our standards. Curled sheets can damage the photoreceptor, and a paper jam can cost a lot of sheets and productivity."

We did some minor adaptations to our input trays (sheet detection), but the product can be run mixed with conventional papers, keeping flexibility maximal for digital printers.



"Although I would not try this particular plastic on slow copiers, it runs fine on our iGen3 presses.

It has helped us reach new markets, far away from the very competitive, click driven, print market. We are now in project businesses where the total solution is appreciated in the price.

We are currently printing plant labels and pharmaceutical applications on the plastic. The plastic is ideal for outdoor applications and where rigidity is an issue. And some new technical Manual applications are underway, based on the 50µ Robuskins with excellent opacity."

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