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With Fluolux Fluorescent paper and Board

Many brilliant colours-varying thicknesses-reels and sheets in different widths / sizes


The eye-catching nature of fluorescent colours is unique, and whether it be for price marking or warning labels, posters or banners, you can use Fluolux simply to attract attention. When Fluolux poster paper or board is placed in the right position it can catch the targeted attention of the customers and all passers-by. Whether you wish to highlight a product, an area within your business, or the business itself – Fluolux is the ideal medium – as it is also printable using all normal printing technologies.

For short term use, you can write with all types of pens and markers, and give reign to all your creativity. Simply select the paper or board for your application, and choose the colour which suits.

To purchase Fluolux label paper for self-adhesive laminating please contact us directly. For direct printing on paper and board in sheets kindly contact your local paper distributor.

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