Joint developments

In many cases, customers are looking for solutions to specific problems, rather than selecting from a standard range of products. MDV has been instrumental in helping companies to achieve their goals, through development of exclusive recipes, as well as converting pilot trials into industrial production using MDV’s modern and cost-efficient production facility.


Our strength lies in developing or modifying coatings to overcome issues which customers identify with their existing products. We analyse the requirement jointly with the customer and then develop a solution in our laboratory.

All such developments are carried out in-house, and are able to be pilot tested on our production equipment immediately thereafter, so that the customer can field test the product. A realistic cost estimate, both for the pilot testing and for production lots, soon after pilot production, is provided, so that the customer can effectively assess the economics of the venture.


Speedy and professional response, and effective handling, in conjunction with innovative ideas consistent with today’s demanding marketplace, makes MDV stand out from competition.

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