Pioneering solutions.

Pioneering solutions.

MDV Display – the re-usable floor sticker

MDV Display is the trade name for our substrates that are used as floor stickers, have a great adhesive strength, can be removed leaving no residues and can be re-used.


The Display substrates can be printed by offset UV and re-used any number of times. The Display family of products can be removed without leaving any residues despite its great adhesive strength. Polystick, Magnestick and Antiskid have been designed for a lasting and spectacular advertising presence.

Display substrates stick to glass, metal and similar smooth surfaces. Once the temporary drive comes to an end the stickers can be removed and punched for further processing without any problems, for example.


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Fields of application include:

  • Antiskid can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Individual use on floors
  • Ideal during sports events (cycling or running)
  • Sticks to asphalt and concrete
  • Polystick Outdoor is suitable for guerrilla marketing


Its properties are:

  • Display Magnestick looks like a magnetic foil (underside brown)
  • The 270 µm material has a superior feel
  • Display products have a reliable adhesive strength
  • Magnestick and Polystick are washable
  • Antiskid Outdoor & Indoor can be printed with inkjet solvent (mild solvent)
  • Inkjet UV printable
  • Great adhesive strength on asphalt and concrete
  • Can be removed leaving no residues
  • Can be reused
  • R10 certified


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