Narrow Web Reel Printers

Specialities for narrow web and label printers, are offered in a wide range of substrates, and reel widths. Top quality and quick delivery in reels, ranging from the narrowest (20 mm wide), to jumbos, belong to our normal service.


- Robuskin® - synthetic papers in different substrates (e.g. PE, PVC, PP, PET). Multiple use products like labels, baggage tags, identity cards, technical manuals, hardy product application instructions, long term tickets, and so on are examples of their versatility. 

VIP printing processes, like thermal transfer, laser, or ink jet often complement their use. The coated Robuskin® types are printable with paper printing inks, are legible with writing inks, and also can be ordinarily stamped.

  • Thermal transfer printable boards
  • Heat seal/ Delayed heat seal papers for labels and bundling use
  • Polygum for wet stick labels and for glass bottles labeling
  • BioStar® for oxo-biodegradable tags

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