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Xerox launched their Iridesse Production Press in May last year, and described it as the first digital press that can print CMYK and up to two specialty colours in a single pass at 120 ppm with spot-on registration.

“With the new HD EA white dry ink, print providers can apply special spot effects to transform ordinary printed pieces into ones that offer a unique physical look and feel “, is a quote from Print Action Staff. The layering of white under or over CMYK – for double impact- on a range of media is expected to innovate printing.

Xerox kindly agreed to test some of MDV’s speciality media on this Colour Laser Printer. It included Ultrasilver, 360 gsm board stock (Silk smooth silver matt) as well as Fluolux Copy Yellow 90 gsm (Fluorescent/Neon Yellow paper) being coloured substrates to enable the power of the white toner to shine through. Additionally, synthetic white matt materials included Robuskin® grades in PET, PVC, and XTP in various thicknesses.

Excellent print results were recorded on Robuskin® XTP 150 B/S CL2B (Duplex), and on Robuskin® PVC-HO 250 B/T. Robuskin® PET 125 B/T also printed well, but may need a system off-printer for reducing electrostatic effects. A highlight is the versatility of printing gold toner on synthetic substrates.

The metallic silver board gave exquisite printing results using the Process Metallic Color System™ licensed by Color-Logic (www.color-logic.com).

Beautiful and stunning is only way to describe the prints obtained on the fluorescent yellow paper.  A whole new field opens up in advertising, as not only true colours can now be printed on fluorescent and coloured backgrounds, but designers can enable the brilliant colours in the background to shine through and give fantastic effects. Note also the effect of CMYK green and orange on the yellow fluorescent background making the CMYK inks appear fluorescent! Traditional black only prints on Fluorescents for reduced offers in supermarkets have now been left far behind. Neon is re-born.

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